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JustCook cooking team

The JustCook culinary team was established in 2019 to promote beautiful culinary crafts among children and adolescents. The founder of the culinary team is Vladimír Palička, a chef and long-term lecturer at the largest cooking school in Prague.

The JustCook culinary team focuses mainly on the promotion of Czech and European cuisine, participates in national and international culinary competitions, seeks out the talents of culinary art in cooking courses, children's cooking camps and gastronomic competitions


And that's not all, other stories of our team are still waiting for us. But everything we do, we do without the vision of financial profit .....

Since November 2020, due to the CORONA virus, we have been intensively filming cooking videos for children. We have already made several dozen children's cooking videos, which we will gradually publish on our youtube channel.

In 2021, we plan to perform at several culinary competitions, promote culinary art at leading gastro festivals.

We are looking for new PATREONs, whose support will allow us to create more cooking videos and allow us to participate in gastronomic competitions ....